December 15th, 2010

Happy Holidays

We’ve been “between homes” for nearly two months now and we’re finally on the home stretch. Literally. One more week and we get our new home, and I will finally have a permanent address to give out. That will be a wonderful holiday gift for my whole family! We’re even hosting a New Years Eve party with my extended family that live nearby. (They all understand, thankfully, that the house will still not be unpacked. Maybe I should include “unpacking boxes” as one of the “party activities.”) 😉

There’s been a few projects I’ve done recently that have been really enjoyable for me, and I can’t wait until they finally launch. What I’ve most appreciated with one in particular, is the fact that we were able to use some of WordPress’ newer features in really unique ways. I’m using custom post types, with some home-grown custom plugins to manage membership and paypal interaction. It’s going to be a great site.

Have a wonderful holiday! See you in 2011!